Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Meiji Amino Collagen Skin Glow Review (1 month)

Hello ladies !
So I got the 7 day trial pack in my march vellvette box, like everyone else i was quite skeptical to try but at the same time intrigued by the product, lots of online research later i find it is a rage in japan, great reviews on amazon and almost every other blog which reviewed this product started off as a 'skeptic' but after using it, saw positive results and loved it. By now i had to try it too!

The 7 day sample pack

googled  "meiji amino collagen review india" and found nothing, absolutely no reviews! Sure there are loads of reviews, even on amazon but just not from india. I knew i had to write one considering i have been consuming it since close to a month now! 
Though i had not heard about the amino collagen supplement drinks, i am well aware of Meiji as a brand. Have you tried those 'hello panda' cookies? Yes, its the same brand!

The can is 200g and last for 28 days. It retails for INR.1800 on the amino india website, where i purchased my first can from, they have COD and free shipping. Service was ok since there was a delay in delivery.
I got my second can from vellvette at a discount rate of INR. 1500 COD, delivered within 2 days! Amazing!

Product Details:

Price : INR1800 ($33 approx) for 200g.

 Website Claims :"Meiji Amino Collagen is a Japanese beauty product that enhances, retains and replenishes essential nutrients needed for a healthy glowing skin. It is a neutral flavor and fast-dissolving powder formula that can be served in hot or cold beverages and meals. Add it in coffee, juice, yogurt, or any of your
favorite dishes and see the difference yourself in just 7 days."

Nutritional Info Meiji Amino Collagen is made from high quality, low-molecular collagen peptide. No fat and Cholesterol.
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One would wonder why would i want to experiment with consuming beauty supplements, since applying is one thing and ingesting is another ball game altogether, right? 
To be honest i was hesitant at first but reading reviews online helped overcome fears.
I am not averse to the idea of consuming supplements since my dermatologist (very well known) had recommended vitamin c and omega-3 supplements but i have not been regular at all to see results, i find tablets troublesome and forget all the time. 

My skin issues:  I have normal dry/combination skin with slightly oily T-zone, though it is relatively clear (except my hormonal chin), it is plagued by dullness ever since i lost weight. i enjoy cardio at the gym and had cut down carbs and fats drastically and thus my skin suffered (It is true, you do tend to lose face 'glow' when you lose too much weight). Hence my skin became dull and i went shades darker due to zero skincare *cries*
Since january this year i have been consciously working towards my skin, what's the point of having a fit body when my skin looked so dull and lifeless right? Then began my journey with ample moisturisers, night creams, toners and the list goes on!
Also,i know plenty people who take cod liver oil or some form of omega-3 for skin and hair regularly hence i thought why not, this amino collagen is all natural, let's give it a shot !

My Experience:
After one week of trial, i couldn't see much of a striking difference, though i did find my skin looking relatively fresh throughout the day and so went ahead and ordered the full size can. I made my mom try it for a week to see how it works on her. Now my mom and i share one can, to reduce clutter of cans (really!) which makes 1 can last for 2 weeks (14 days) instead of 28 days, we are ok with that.
It has been close to a month for me and i do see results! 

My first empty can of Meiji Amino Collagen!
Meiji Amino Collagen Powder
At first glance it can easily be mistaken for milk powder, with its milk power like texture it might seem like but one whiff, you'd know better, definitely not milk powder!
I don't know how people say it is neutral, tasteless and odourless because it is clearly not!
It does have a fishy aftertaste if you get an undissolved clump in the mouth, which is why i make sure i stir it enough to dissolve any clumps! The first few times i felt the smell was horrible even though i am sure half of it was a mental phobia against ingesting fish collagen, soon it got better and now i can't make out the difference if it is mixed or not. Funny since i am a complete non vegetarian and enjoy sea food the most.
How do i have it? 
I  have tried both with soup and juice and find it best with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, preferably at night but anytime is fine i guess.

  • Glow - My skin does glow, looks healthy, so it is safe to say that it does work in that aspect.
  • Moisturising - it has no claims to moisturise the skin, my skin is combination and i do need my regular moisturizing but it does claim collagen helps "maintain suppleness and elasticity of the skin"
  • Skin Lightning - It hasn't lightened my skin tone nor does it claim too.
  • Firmness, wrinkles - I am too young for this but i shall share my mothers experience next.
  • Suppleness/Elasticity - Again i am not the best person to answer this since i am in my early 20s but yes my skin glows and feels supple, but i am taking care of it now along with skincare products.
  • Pores - No difference in pore size or reduction (doesn't claim to either)
  • Acne - No reduction in acne (no claims to it).
  • My cheeks naturally had a red tint, like natural blush but that disappeared with bad skin care and loosing weight- it has returned! woohoo! but but i am not sure if it is this product since in general i am taking care of my skin and no diet cut backs anymore. It could be a combination of everything? Maybe.
Final verdict:
I'd say it works, my skin has a healthy glow,texture has improved, looks vibrant in conjunction with my daily skincare which to be fair has attributed in improving my complexion, which had turned dry,dull and uneven. My mother sees results too, which is why we know it is working on both of us hehe.
 I am going to continue using it until upto 4 months to decide if i do want to include this supplement in my lifestyle routine, that is because apparently - our body takes approximately 4 months for unhealthy tissue to be replaced by healthy tissue.
And by then i am sure i'd be a better judge of this product by experience, right?

For more information about the product visit the website here

PS: Anyone tried Meiji Amino Collagen? Working ? Not working?
If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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  1. Hey!

    I have troublesome oily, acne prone skin. I tried the 7 days trial pack that came with Vellvette and later ordered the tin which is about to finish. I see great differences on my akin. It is more supple and clearer now. I love this product. Good review. Update it once you finish your next tin. :)

    1. Hello,May I ask, is it help to reduce acne scar to?... Thank You :)

    2. Do we put on weight by having amino collagen?

  2. hey @tobeglam, yes i agree its a great product, love it! did it help with acne though? in my experience it does not help nor worsen it. i am glad you liked the review! i am going to be posting an update really soon. Do check it out :) xx

  3. I have tried this product including many other brands of collagen available in liquid and powdered form in Japan. You would get the best results after 2-3 months of regular use. Liquids ones are highly effective and show immediate results. Skin looks fuller n becomes radiant within 2-3 days of usage. These products contain fish collagen

  4. is amino collagen safe for use...and were is liquid collagen there any contra indication for the amino collagen use.pls do reply

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  8. Poor collagen levels also affect to bones also....!!

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  10. do v gain weight using this product..?

  11. im 22 and i startd using this product from 3days long shud i use this? can i take this
    all the lifetime?

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