Sunday, 28 July 2013

My July Vellvette Box


Yes, i am alive..incase anyone thought this blog has been abandoned. Its been so long now, been busy with work and don't get me started on 'work'..or else ill be cribbing about it endlessly here. The weather is awesome, does anyone feel we should get a monsoon break? like no work, nothing..just be a vegetable and enjoy the weather. *sigh* Moving on, here is my july box! 
What i got :
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Cure
  • LA Splash Glitter Mascare - Abyss
  • Just Herbs Advanced Pimple Treatment Kit
  • Bonus: Bling Nail Appliques
  • MMMM Bonus- Crabtree and Evelyn VIP Kit

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure
My first thoughts? - 'Oh god why!'.. i thought it was a nail polish but i am glad it is not (yes shame on me, i don't like nail paint :/ ). It says its a miracle cure for severe problem nails..hmm now why would they send it to me randomly without knowing anything about my nails? But i guess its not a bad thing..i have applied it on  2 of my nails ( i am lazy) and it looks like a nice shiny top coat. Maybe i will use it just to get that shine on my nails, looks neat. Also to all those who were wondering about the product expiry, worry not, it is good until 2015! As you can see, there is a label on the gold cap with the expiry details. And i did notice the gold cap was a bit worn out, but i don't mind it.
LA Splash Glitter Mascara
 Another full size LA Splash product! Interesting. I got the blue eyeliner in the previous box and found it average, id also say this brand is pretty mediocre in terms of product quality. The packaging looks cool though. I tried this mascara and found it pretty average, also the glitter is not visible.

Just Herbs Treatment Kit
So this is what people got in their June bags. But what i don't understand is why me? This one clearly says for oily skin. (a) I don't have oily skin, as mentioned numerous times, even via email to vellvette ( i won't mention the 'questionnaire' since by now we all know there is no relation between our preferences and the products we receive). (b) I DONT HAVE OILY SKIN! Can you stop sending me face wash and stuff which is NOT for my skin type? 
On a brighter note, i might try the pack on..and then layer my face with moisturiser, lets see how it works.
Nail Art Stickers
Nail Art Stickers..hmm i guess its a cool thing :/ ? I don't use stuff like this.. but i guess its a cool addition. Maybe a friend will like this? Maybe it will be hoarded and stored in that little black box brimming with unused samples?

Crab Tree and Evelyn VIP KIT
So i was wondering what is so 'VIP KIT' about this thing? i mean i got 2 sachets of lotion. is that VIP? Nevertheless i am happy with it :D. Why? i really like the VIP members card i received, its so cute and i get 10% discount on their products. Cool right?

I got the evelyn rose hand therapy sachet and the rosewater body lotion sachet. Last month i received the sisley face mask sachet which is lying unused. I got the the remy laure sachet, clinique foundation sachet in the previous months- all lying unsed. The point? Sachets are the least used sample products, atleast in my case.

Oh look what i got, isnt it super cute? This card enables me a 10% discount and sale previews, promotions etc. i am happy :)

Final Verdict:
Satisfied. i have no particular dislike to any of the samples i received (even the one for oily skin, really!). It has value for money i guess..i get shiny nails (when and if i ever use it)..and a new average mascara. My fav is the C& E VIP card. hehe.

(You can stop reading here if you only want to read about the july box :p)

Update: Check out my august vellvette bag here

Random Update:
June Bag-
So wondering where the june box went? Oops the bag. The thing is i was all ready to post the pictures for the bag when i received it, but decided to wait on it since i had ordered another one for my sister as a surprise. Guess what? It never arrived, they mailed me ages later saying there was some courier issue etc etc. I was pissed at them since my sister was really looking forward to get her box. So by the time they were ready to ship it, i didn't want it anymore. Thus the pictures of my box/bag were abandoned.
What did i get? I got the very lush I love..strawberry milkshake body wash, La Blue eyeliner, Tony and Guy Conditioner and the Sisley face mask. All in all..a pretty satisfying bag- i loved the body wash. Rest is lying unused (yet again).

Amino Collagen-
I have almost 4k and counting hits on this particular post! wow. So i know it is time to update.. infact had clicked loads of pictures etc..but i can't seem to find it :/ . But i shall be updating soon. It is imperative.

A post coming soon (soon is ambiguous in this context hehe). I have ordered 4 pair of shoes- 3 wedges and 1 stiletto, make up and a wallet. So one pair of wedges has already arrived but there seems to be a massive delay with the other stuff this time but i am being patient.

I know this is getting long and never ending and maybe you should stop reading now since i want to ramble.
Life is going good...hectic with work and all i seem to do nowadays is crib about how i don't have time to do anything anymore. is this how adult life is? i miss school and college for the simple reason - HOLIDAYS *sobs*. Does anyone want to crib about work? *hopeful eyes*.


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