Tuesday, 26 March 2013

My March Vellvette Box 2013 ! -

Hello !

So after the longest wait, my march vellvette box  arrived today!
here's a first look of the box along with a pleasant surprise *omg*
Totally loving the colourful ribbon ;p

1. DNA Beauty Cream & Vitamin-C serum - 1 Sachets each
2. Lush Dream Cream
3. NYX Round Lip Gloss in Sparkle
4. Perry ellis Perfume Sample - *BONUS*
5. Meiji Amino Collagen Drink- *BONUS*

1. DNA Beauty Cream & Vitamin-C serum - 1 Sachets each
I haven't heard of 'real DNA' creams or remy laure for that matter and i don't really mind trying out new brands but what i do mind is receiving 1 sample sachet of this around 4k product...! i mean how can i invest in a product worth 4k by just trying this sachet?
If remy laure really wants people to buy their products, they need to at least give decent size samples...we as consumers are spoilt for choice with  plethora of amazing brands and products and this one sachet doesn't cut it. plus i couldn't even find reviews online, oh and bdw its sold on flipkart etc too.
Will i try it? yes, not me actually...will give it to my mom..since i am using too many skin products at the moment, this one won't make a difference (considering its a sachet and all...just saying)

2. Lush Dream Cream
 Probably the only product i was happy with in this month's box!
It is a really tiny tin sample...looks really cute!  i tried this dream cream...its too less for large patches so i am using it on my palms...love the feel of this cream! Nice texture...Though i'd say it doesn't make my skin smell as nice as other creams i use, nevertheless its a cute sample ;D

                                            3. NYX Round Lip Gloss in Sparkle
I know a lot of people would be happy to receive a make-up product and trust me so would i (not really) BUT not this! i mean firstly no offence to NYX( i do own their matt creme lip things!) but it is not a LUXURY brand. if i want NYX, i will go and buy it and not think twice about it. PERIOD.Who needs a sample for a 300bucks lip gloss neway?!
Plus this looks like a full size lip gloss, what is the point of it ..*wondering*
And receiving it in this box feels like a waste of money since i will never use this gloss ever, ask why?
well apart from the fact i don't use lip gloss (i mentioned in my profile my style is subtle natural, obviously i was joking since they did'nt take it seriously)

This particular gloss has the biggest SPARKLES, yes SPARKLES in this entire world! like you put it on your lips and you can see the little glitter particles, which even stay behind AFTER you wipe the gloss off. i like pink...i seriously hoard pink stuff but this is ridiculous?!?
i wish they just called it a 'bonus' product...because then i wouldn't feel so strongly about it!
it is like sticking the pink vellvette paper on your lips, except more sticky with bigger glitter particles ;/ *phew*
Major dislike.

                                            4. Perry ellis Perfume Sample - *BONUS*
Erm yes, this is the same perry ellis sample you guys received some months back...since i am subscribing since jan, i guess i get all the extra random samples lying around at vellvette now as a bonus product..(considering i hastily subscribed to another 6 months *greedy*).
What can i say...i'd never pay for this tiny sample (miniatures are different!) so as long as they don't include it as one of the 3 samples, i'll be ok..i guess.
Though smells nice..but don't like it enough to purchase it.

5. Meiji Amino Collagen Drink- *BONUS*
i was totally not expecting  this..and i  must say i am pleasantly surprised! Really! i googled it immediately, its a well known japanese drink, mostly positive reviews on amazon and other user reviews AND i have already started using it since 3 days :D !
Since the ingredients are natural i was not too scared to take it (have you ever tried omega-3 supplements? just asking)

So finally i'd say the march box was a sort of a flop (Read: sachets,nyx,sparkles)!
Nothing from the box i'd want to purchase...except the Meiji amino drink if i like it, might purchase and that was also outside the box. I did like the lush tiny winy sample of dream cream too.

Ps: You'd be surprised what i got in this months enchantess bag! *omg* This is the first month i subscribed and it even arrived on time! woot woot! 

Check out what i got in my march enchantess bag here.
*UPDATE* check out the review for meiji amino collagen here.


  1. I got an O.P.I. mini polish instead of the perfume - hate those vials cos I always drop them and they break. OMG WHAT did you get in the Enchantess bag? I'm guessing dry shampoo based on their Facebook post. What else? Mine is yet to arrive and I can't wait, really! Will let you know what I get.
    My Beauty Junction

  2. hello! were you happy with your march vellvette box?
    haha i wish i got the dry shampoo, looks like a nice product but i got the tiny snan neem herbal soap (which every one is getting this time i think!), Body shop vitamin e lotion (travel size pot) AND *drumrolls* BLISSLABS SUPERSHINE shampoo in lemon + sage ! (travel size).
    BLISS in an enchantess box! wow na? i always get excited looking at bliss products on asos lol
    Yea tell me what you got and if your subbing for it next month...:D